5 Simple Steps to Becoming Certified Clean Site

Step 1:  Provide Space Measurements

Provide Clean-Site with the number of rooms and the size of each room (width, depth and ceiling height).  You can either complete the "profile calculator" on our website or email us the number/size of rooms directly.

Step 2:  Receive Our Quote

Clean-Site will calculate the number and type of Powerzone units your facility requires and send you a quote.

Step 3:  Get Your Powerzone Units

Once your Powerzone units arrive:
1. Hang your units on the wall in your desired location
2. Plug your units in (standard 110/120v outlet)
3. Turn units on (follow instructions included)

Step 4:  Communicate to Your Customers

Communicate to your customers you are now a Certified Clean-Site!! Clean-Site will send you free Certified Clean-Site signage to post through-out your facility and online.
Our print and digital signage materials include all of the information your customers need in order to better understand how and why your facility is now a Certified Clean-Site and the powerful sterilization technology behind it!

Step 5:  Complete Annual Self-Audit Form

Complete the annual self-audit form to ensure your facility is maintaining it's Certified Clean-Site status.  You will receive the self-audit form via email one year after purchase. 

You will be asked to confirm the number of Powerzone units you are running and the length of time each unit is deployed to ensure your site maintains it's Certified Clean-Site status.