Scandia Powerzone 100

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Effectively eliminates unwanted germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew.

The Powerzone generator manipulates oxygen molecules (O2) to create an O3 molecule. O3 is an unstable version of the Oxygen molecule that destroys harmful micro-organisms on contact. O3 performs 3,000x faster than chlorine as a bactericide and 5x faster than ultra-violet ray for air and water treatment

O3 is the safest and most powerful oxidant known today

Should only be used in rooms free from humans/pets and the room should not be entered until 30 minutes after the Powerzone has cycled off

Leaves no waste to be thrown away or residual chemicals to be absorbed into skin/hair/lungs

Safely sterilizes an area up to 1000 cubic feet

Wall mounted unit that is plugged into an electrical outlet and can be moved from room to room

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