Why the Future of Clean Depends on Innovation


Among a whole host of realizations, 2020 has forced us to take a hard look at the cleaning industry. Both in commercial or residential spaces, cleaning practices have been affected by industry shortages and supply chain malfunctions. 

It’s times like these that the phrase “necessity is the mother of invention” begins to really shine. Now, not everything that pops up on social media or ad campaigns in response to the pandemic is a product of true value, but that is the beauty of the process. We try, learn, adapt, and ultimately it results in key performers whose value lasts long after our current circumstances. 

Ozone is not new technology. It’s discovery in the late 19th century has given scientists over 100 years of experiments and data collection. It remains one of the most effective oxidizers for nearly all forms of bacteria, viruses, and mold. What is new is our application. We can take this technology and make it safe and effective to sanitize any residential or commercial space to stop the continued spread of infectious germs. 

So what have we learned from the unique circumstances of 2020?

Functioning without Supplies

In the early stages of the pandemic, we saw a sudden and lasting run on cleaning supplies. Disinfectant sprays and wipes were non-existent. Even essential businesses like grocery stores and doctor’s offices were unable to provide the sanitization measures we desperately needed. This threw into sharp relief our dependency on these products for cleaning. Was this really the only way? Were we just supposed to live with nothing to clean with except damp sponges? 

It is very clear that we can no longer rely only on physical supplies to ensure a safe, decontaminated space. Our health and our ability to run businesses and perform services is far too valuable. Utilizing an ozone generator, like the Powerzone from Scandia, can always ensure that surfaces and the air are free of bacteria, viruses, and mold with no maintenance, no waste, and no ongoing supplies. The Powerzone creates O3 from the oxygen in the air. Those O3 molecules search out and break down harmful microorganisms and return the air to breathable O2. There are no on-going costs or materials to continuously operate a Powerzone. 

Creating Less Waste

In the U.S. alone, single use cleaning products create billions of pieces of plastic waste. In 2020, there was a rise in “fatbergs” (a coagulated mass in sewers often consisting of non-flushable disinfectant wipes that were flushed) that caused millions in sewer damage. The cleaning industry may not be as “clean” as you would expect. 

With our rise in cleaning procedures, it is necessary for the safety of our planet that we engage in eco-friendly practices that create little to no waste. High traffic areas that require on-going sanitization, like gyms, daycares, salons, and school, can be the highest beneficiaries from choosing to innovate their cleaning practices. 

Automation to Save on Labor Costs

Another unfortunate consequence of this pandemic has been the amount of job loss due to tight budgets and decreased revenue. Brick-and-mortar establishments are feeling the weight of tight restrictions and fewer sales. What is most ironic is that the societal standard for sanitization has been raised while many places cannot afford to increase janitorial staff. 

Implementing an automated sanitization process can alleviate the financial strain of needing a large cleaning crew. 

Efficiency & Effectiveness 

As a gas, ozone is able to permeate all surfaces types and clean under tables and chairs, behind furniture, and curtains. It fills the room with germ killing power so you can rest assured that every nook and cranny has been rendered clean and safe. 

It is time to embrace the future of clean. It does not have to include harsh chemicals, untold waste, and exhaustive efforts. Automation is key to our success to continually provide safe, germ-free spaces. 

It is an exciting time to be an innovator. To be able to alleviate the stressors and strains of this unprecedented time is our goal. We’ve been behind this product for over 8 years and are prepared to take it to the next level to meet your needs.