Coronavirus Continues Crushing Industries

Coronavirus Continues Crushing Industries

The dust has yet to settle on coronavirus’ rampage through the American economy. Months of closures and hesitant shoppers continue to cause ripple effects.

Today we are looking at the daycare industry.

This industry in particular has been faced with unprecedented obstacles. With many parents transitioning back to working on-site, kids that would normally be occupied with summer camps and programs are still stuck at home. Parents seeking child care will be faced with fewer vacancies and fewer affordable options when the time comes for them to return to work.  While daycare will be burdened not only with increased demand, they are expected to adhere to all recommended health guidelines, socially distance whenever possible, and keep their staff safe. In some instances, facilities may be asked to operate below their max capacity to reduce overcrowding which in turn reduces profits.

Child care facilities have historically run on tight margins. A survey by the National Association for the Education of Young Children found that 63% of child care facilities said they could not last a month of closure without help. Demand for raised housekeeping standards and costs may not be a burden they can bear. A variety of options lie before those looking for help improving these measures.

One choice stands alone as the most effective, low cost option. Sanitization via ozone has been utilized in the food packing and water purification industries for over a century. Our Powerzone O3 (ozone) generators have harbored that technology in a simple and easy way to allow for automated, sanitization of all surfaces and the air. Ozone has been scientifically proven to eradicate nearly all forms of bacteria and viruses. It is a chemical free, natural component found in the Earth’s atmosphere that works to break down harmful microorganisms and returns the air to fresh, breathable oxygen.


In this scenario, after closing, daycare facilities can run their Powerzone overnight. While it only takes 30 minutes to fully disinfect any space, assured vacancy allows for maximum safety. When they return the next morning all surfaces and the air are free from any bacteria or viruses they may have been exposed to the day before. Bacteria can live on prime surface conditions indefinitely while viruses can persist for hours or even days. Since ozone is a gas it can penetrate fabrics (curtains, blankets, stuffed toys) as it fills the volume of whatever space it is deployed. Therefore it is undoubtedly more effective than traditional spray-and-wipe disinfecting.

In addition to cutting real life costs, daycares can provide an intangible good to their customers. Confidence. Whether it is a nasty flu season or full blown pandemic, what parent wouldn’t feel more confident sending their child to a facility dedicated as a fully sanitized “Clean-Site?” These measures can quell the spread of numerous contagious illnesses when used regularly.

Numerous industries will continue to face a changing tide during and after this pandemic. Armed with knowledge and the proper tools, businesses can swiftly respond when the question arises, “What are you doing to stop the spread?”