The Importance of Conveying Safety

Coronavirus Continues Crushing Industries

SCENE: After a fresh spritz of hand sanitizer, you don your mask before exiting your car. You’re headed into the gym after four long months away. You are both anxious and excited, and just plum tired of working out in your living room. Upon approach, the gym seems as it did before and you catch a glimpse of a flyer with something or other “coronavirus” taped on the door as you heave it open. The usual staff stands at the front desk, lazily chatting with one another, you scan for entry, and set off on your way. It’s all so familiar and for some reason it’s unsettling. You are suddenly shockingly aware of how many high traffic touch points you encounter (doors, locker rooms, bathrooms, equipment, water fountains) and wonder if your gym is truly making an effort to keep you safe and keep your business.
SCENE: Same story. You approach your beloved gym and bright, clear signage declares your gym a “Certified Clean Site.” You smile behind that mask. Suddenly, going to the gym doesn’t feel like a risk, it feels like a treat–as it should. Once inside signage continues to denote when and where you gym has sanitized entire spaces; for example, right before your yoga class. When you enter a freshly sanitized studio, it smells light and airy–not a nose-full of bleach or chlorine. You notice a simple, silver box hanging on the wall. What is that? That’s the Powerzone O3 generator and it is responsible for that clean, sterilized space. In the locker room, you see another. There’s one installed in the childcare room, the cycling studio, the cardio deck. Your gym is up to something. Something smart. Something great.
As mandates are lifted, the tides turn to businesses on how they present themselves and which measures they deem appropriate to ensure safety and health for both employees and patrons. While there is no “one size fits all” approach, there is an unspoken sense of security inside businesses who make visible changes to display dedication to sanitization. It’s been an unsettling few months of quarantine when patrons re-enter businesses, they are subconsciously evaluating the business’ approach to this pandemic.

That’s where we come in. Clean-Site is dedicated to making the re-opening strategy clear, intentional, and safe. Your customer’s trust and confidence is the pinnacle your business. We want them not to come back once, but over and over again. With bright, modern signage, you can convey your dedication to health and cleanliness. Not only is your in-person impression important, but aided with digital marketing materials as well, you can pave the way from digital communication to the return of face-to-face interactions.

Ozone technology is not new. It’s not untested. It been in use for over a century and a half in food production and water treatment. It’s a known germ killer and has proven, through study after study, to effectively eradicate bacteria, viruses, mold, and other microorganisms. We’ve developed our Powerzone generators to fight some of the filthiest spaces on Earth–steam rooms. Those warm, moist environments are prime real estate for harmful germs to grow and flourish. If we can kill them there, we can kill them any where.

From treatment rooms to day cares, fitness studios to offices, we can create not only a sense of safety, but actual, scientifically proven sanitization that is far more effective than traditional spray and wipes. Join the growing ranks of Certified Clean-Sites and we will help your re-open with confidence, bringing back your hard earned customer base.